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Unique Experiences

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club has selected unique experiences for its clients, which all members of the family can enjoy.

During your stay at Las Colinas Residences or at your own property at the complex you can enjoy an exciting selection of experiences in the area, in addition to the wide range of activities they already offer at the complex. Las Colinas Golf & Country Club has negotiated discounted prices with the best operators in the sector specially for residents and owners at Las Colinas.

Taking a breathtaking balloon ride over the beautiful landscapes of Alicante and Murcia, discover the secrets and aromas of wine, enjoying a fascinating personalised tour round cities such as Cartagena or taking part in a underwater diving course or christening in a marine reserve are just some of the activities they have prepared specially for you.


Wine tasting

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club has selected the winery Casa Sicilia to enable wine lovers to discover traditional Mediterranean winemaking methods, ranging from the pruning process to aging in barrels through to bottling.

Casa Silicia offers several wine tourism programmes including guided tours and waste tasting. In addition, its restaurant provides a range of carefully selected menus so that you can savour Mediterranean cuisine paired with the perfect wine.

Enjoy a different experience during your stay at Las Colinas Residences with a special 10% discount.